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Larry's Sales & Service in Shiner, TX Closed now

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1204 Hilltop Road, Shiner, TX 77984
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+1 361-594-3709

Hardware store

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08:00 am — 06:00 pm
08:00 am — 06:00 pm
08:00 am — 06:00 pm
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Reviews about Larry's Sales & Service

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    June 23, 2017, by Michael McCoy
    On Feb 5 I took a Scag Tiger Cub to be readied for the season. It sometimes did not start and the blade clutch would fail when mowing deep grass so I knew repairs were needed. However, I was considering trading it in for a new mower so I wanted it in shape to trade in or sell. At the time Larry said he had a year old Scag Tiger Cat that was his loaner that he was going to sell for a couple of thousand off of list. I told him I was probably interested but to let me know what kind of trade I could get. He said he had been at school last week so he was behind. I said no problem, I had a larger mower for now. I did not hear from him for a week so I called on Feb 13th and made sure I had given them the right phone number. He said that he had been at school last week again and had not had a chance to look at it yet. I told him that was fine, I was just making sure he had the correct phone number since I had not heard anything. Two weeks later (Feb 25th) my wife and I were again driving to town and she asked if I had heard anything about her mower. I told her no, perhaps she should call. She called to ask and the owner, Larry, came to the phone and practically shouted at her, telling her that I had called just last week (I had called 2 weeks before) and told her that he had never seen such demanding people and that he had been at school last week and was behind. He told her that we could either get off his back or come pick the mower up. My wife was speechless. She had been the one that liked his little shop (I thought it was kind of dumpy) and had insisted I have him repair the mower. She said maybe he was just having a bad day and just let him repair it. Two weeks later (1 month and 10 days to be exact) we had still heard nothing so we decided to drop by there and if the mower was ready, fine, if not, pick it up. When we went in, we asked if our mower was ready. Larry asked if we were there to pick it up. I asked if it was ready, and he said no, it was not. I replied that yes, we were there to pick it up. After that not two words were spoken to us by either him or his wife. After that not two words were spoken to us by either him or his wife. To this day I have no idea what we might have said or done that set him off. However, I will not ever set foot in his shop again, nor will I ever recommend him to anyone. Anyone with any other options should avoid this place and let this awful business die on the vine. I don't believe that people in business are allowed to have bad days, at least not to their customer base. I hope that if he reads this review it dawns on him that I was the guy that was interested in buying a new mower from him and that he lost that deal forever. Yell at me, OK, we are men, we can work it out. Yell at my wife, and he is a CREEP. I will call him out on that. You don't call ladies names over the phone. Sorry. End of a bad review on a horrible business.
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